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Announcement: Summer Training Starts June 10

Athlete Testing

Speed Testing with Infared Timers

10 & 20 Yard Dash
Back Pedal Sprints
Hill Sprints & Agility Drills

Bodyweight Testing

Chin & Pull Ups
Broad Jumps
Diamond Push Ups

Additional Testing on Request


Goal Setting

Setting Goals

After initial testing of athletes they will set goals for themselves to strive for by program end date.

Different Phases

Athletes and Phases

Athletes will progress in workout phases. Every athlete will have different levels of strength, mental and emotional maturity, and proper technique.

Speed Training
Infrared timers to push athletes to compete vs their past performances.  Hill Sprints and weighted pulls to improve form.
Agility Training

Agility ladder and hurdle drils, agility circuit drills, along with workouts in the sand.

Strength Training

Youth designed bodyweight program wih focus on proper technique.  Exercise bands used to help younger athletes.

Programs and Workouts

Dryland Testing

Dryland Testing

June 10 10 Yard Dash20 Yard DashBack Pedal Sprints (15 ft back, 45 ft forward)Pull UpsChin UpsDiamond Push Ups June 11 Shuttle Cross Pick UpIllinois AgilityAFL Agility Run60 Yard Shuttle (15 yards, 10 yards, 5 yards - each time there and back)Hill SprintBroad...

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