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Youth Dryland Hockey Training

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Announcement: Dryland Training Starts June 10

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Dryland Testing

Dryland Testing

June 10 10 Yard Dash20 Yard DashBack Pedal Sprints (15 ft back, 45 ft forward)Pull UpsChin UpsDiamond Push Ups June 11 Shuttle Cross Pick UpIllinois AgilityAFL Agility Run60 Yard Shuttle (15 yards, 10 yards, 5 yards - each time there and back)Hill SprintBroad...

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About 2B Sport

Our mission and vision is helping youth athletes achieve their goals both in sport and education.

We are working on develping a website where young athletes can not only sign up to train in their sport but also learn while training.  Like sport training, learning can be tailored to each student. For example, maybe it’s dryland hockey training combined with a summer math, reading or business course.

This website is “work in progress” phase as we continue to move foreward.

Stay tuned for more…




Current Programs

Youth Summer Dryland

Speed drills with laser timers to push athletes to better their past performance.  Agility workouts in sand.  Youth designed bodyweight programs with focus on proper technique. 

Stickhandling & Shooting

Use one of our programs or develop your own and track athletes online.  Add videos and or specific drills for athletes to work on depending on age.


Shot Tracker

Track your athletes shots online.  Use our shooting program or work with us to develop your own.  Athletes enter their daily or weekly shots online and we total the number for them.

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